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Top Seaside Getaways in the World

Planning a beach getaways would probably be the best thing to do after a hectic and tiring day at work. Imagine you are walking towards the ocean or having fun on the beach all day instead of having to go through all the hassles in the cities. Start planning your beach holiday now!


These are the best beach getaways in the world and I sincerely wish that the Beach Travel guide below will help you in creating your own great beach vacation.

1. Hat Pramong, Thailand

A trip to Thailand will be great if you can include Hat Pramong or locally known as Sunset Beach in your travel itinerary. This peaceful and beautiful beach is located on a small bay on Ko Lipe, facing to the west and offers stunning sunsets that will give you a glimpse of the way Thailand once was. You will not see any upscale resorts on this beach so imagine how calm and serene the surrounding area is, but still there are quite a number of bungalows on the beach if you need to rest and have some relaxation while enjoying the sunsets.

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2. Maya Bay, Thailand

Located on the gorgeous site of Ko Phi Phi Leh in Thailand, Maya Bay is famous for being the location of Leornado DiCaprio’s film “The Beach” and becomes one of the must visit places in Thailand among the tourists. The stunningly beautiful bay is sheltered by 100 meter high cliffs on three sides. Ko Phi Phi being one of the national parks in Thailand is also well-known for its excellent snorkeling and diving activities because of its great nature. You can always stay on the larger Ko Phi Phi Don nearby Ko Phi Phi Leh itself which is just as stunning.

3. Phra Nang Beach, Thailand

Phra Nang Beach is arguable one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand with a great view of the stunning limestone cliffs at the site. The emerald sea water and white sands are enticing more and more tourists to come and hang out on the beach. Accessible only by boat, the beach is located at the southern tip of Railay, a peninsula on the Andaman Coast in Thailand. The beach is one of the most popular beach holiday destinations not only to the beach lovers but also very well-known among the climbers who enjoy scaling Railay’s massive limestone rocks.

4. Patong Beach, Thailand

Situated on the world famous tourists spot in Thailand, Phuket, this beach is known for its scenic beauty and clear water, definitely one of the favorite beach destinations in that country. Patong Beach is the right place if you are seeking for an adrenaline rush adventurous water sports and you will never be disappointed by looking at the varieties of activities offered on the beach such as para sailing and wind surfing. Or else, you can join the Island Hopping tour groups or experience the underwater life by scuba diving at the beach.

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5. Pangkor Laut Island, Malaysia

Pangkor Laut Island is always considered as one of the best luxury beach holiday destinations in the country. It is a privately owned island located three miles off the West Coast of Malaysia along the Straits of Malacca with Pangkor Laut Resort as the only resort available on the island. Upon your arrival on the island, you will be treated with the amazing views and picturesque scenes worthy of Instagram. You may choose to stay at one of the overwater villas or on the hillside amongst the tropical rain forest and enjoy a deep sense of serenity reserved exclusively for the guests.

6. Sipadan Island, Malaysia

Sipadan Island is always a marine paradise among the divers and it is recognized as one of the best dive spots in the world with an amazing beach as well. The island is highly protected and not everyone can simply pay a visit here; you have to pay a premium price just to come here and dive. The undersea life is rich and filled with colorful corals and fishes. Sipadan Island has twelve dive sites in all, each with its own distinctive features. Enjoy your dive at the Coral Gardens, White-Tip Avenue, Turtle Cavern and Barracuda Point; these sites are always preferred by the divers.