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Beaches Vs. Hills-For Summer Holidays

Summer It’s always an exciting time of the year when your entire family is looking forward to the Summer Holidays. But you’re finding it a little difficult to choose between the beaches or the hills. Well, it never gets easy, right? Let’s help you figure this out!


What kind of activities do you enjoy?

The Beaches

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys playing in the sand and waters – the beach is certainly the destination for you. Make the most out of your Beach Summer Holiday by waking up early. Take a walk or jog on the beach. Breathe in the fresh air from the surroundings. It’s a brilliant feeling when you do it with your partner or the entire family.

You can follow that up with a delicious breakfast at your hotel or resort. It’d be even better if you had a brilliant view of the sea as you sip that delicious coffee and bite into your egg sandwich.

Before lunch, you could engage in some enthralling water sports, play football or volleyball on the beach. It will also help you build up an appetite. After your delicious lunch, take a good nap in the afternoon. Later, in the evening you could visit and shop at the local market.

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The Hills

You enjoy nature! The beauty of the hill ranges along with the lush greenery captivates and inspires you. You’re overtaken by the freshness of air that covers the entire region. Overall, you’re very particular about having a peaceful and tranquil holiday with your family or friends. Certainly, the hills are the right Summer Holiday Destination for you.

At the hills, some of the best moments of a holiday are experienced when you wake up early to watch the sunrise. Take up an early morning trek to witness this beautiful spectacle. Make sure you sleep early the previous night, so you can a get a good head start in the morning.

Pack all the essential items and make sure you have a reliable and trusted guide with you. Do not forget to put on your trekking shoes, carry enough water and the right snacks. If you enjoy clicking pictures, ensure that your photography equipment and gear is well-protected.

Amidst the hills, you may want to check out various other interesting sights and sounds such as waterfalls or national animal parks. Make sure that your camera batteries are charged and that you enough memory to save your pictures.

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Beaches vs. hills – narrow down the choice according to your personality

According to the Journal of Research in Personality, the study found that extroverts are mostly attracted towards the beaches. Extroverts are individuals who love to socialise. They’re mostly inclined towards activities interacting with new people and having people around them.

But in the case of introverts, they mostly gravitate towards the direction of hills. Introverts prefer the tranquillity and peace that comes with the hills and valleys. They’d prefer less interaction with people.

The study further found that extroverts were found to be very happy in the open spaces. But with the introverts, they experienced happiness in their quieter space and where they could silently retreat.

So, you could narrow down your Summer Holiday Destination according to the activities or the kind of personality you are. But if your kids or partner have a choice that’s different than yours, then you may face a dilemma. In this kind of scenario, you might think of covering both Beaches and Hills!