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8 Most Beautiful Beaches In Mangalore

Mangalore, a coastal city in Karnataka, gets its name from the Mangaladevi temple located there. It’s well known for its culture, tradition, history, and cuisine and attracts scores of visitors every year. The beaches in Mangalore are another feature of the city that draws in large crowds. Each of Mangalore’s beaches is popular for its own unique reasons and worth at least one visit.


There are around nine beaches in Mangalore and all of them are open to the public. While you might have to pay an entrance fee at some beaches (in the form of parking charges), entrance to others is free. The post-monsoon season, or the period from November to February is considered to be the best time to visit any beach in Mangalore as the seas are quite rough and dangerous during the monsoons and the humidity is quite uncomfortable in summer.

1. Tannirbhavi BeachNeighbour To Mangalore’s Most Popular Beach

Tannirbhavi Beach is relatively calm and less crowded compared to the rest of the beaches in Mangalore. Nonetheless it is beautiful and attracts many visitors on a daily basis. This Mangalore beach is an ideal weekend getaway and has more than one access point. However, only one point is open to the general public and the rest are restricted. While there is no direct public transport to this beach, which is around 10 kms from the city, you can hire a taxi, take your private vehicle, or take a ferry from Sulthan Battery. Parking facilities are provided for those who arrive in their private vehicle, however, a small fee is required to be paid. Locals usually come out to this beach during weekends and it is often frequented by couples. You will also find a lot of families here looking for a peaceful time. If you don’t want to sit out in the sun, you can take shelter under the casuarinas trees that line the beach. This is a fun place for a picnic or a short nap.

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2. Someshwara Beach: Home To The Ancient Somanatha Temple

Located in Ullal, 10 kms south of Mangalore, Someshwara Beach is one of the most unique beaches in Mangalore as there is a large rock at the centre known as the rudra shila. Many visitors come down to this beach, which can be reached by road from the Mangalore-Kerala highway, to climb atop the large rock, sit at its edges, and gaze at the horizon. While it is fun to climb and sit on the rock, it can be dangerous as huge waves lash at the rocks and a fall from here can lead to serious injury. This Mangalore beach’s name comes from the Somanatha temple that is located at the end of the beach. It is believed that the temple, dedicated to Shiva, was constructed by Queen Abakka Devi of Ullal, India’s first female freedom fighter.

Another natural wonder of the beach, besides the large rock, is the pond next to the temple. The pond has a perennial underground source of sweet freshwater. The beach is also home to the Ottinene Hill, which is a beautiful vantage point from where you can view the city below, the river Netravati and the big beautiful Arabian Sea. Unlike most of the beaches along Mangalore’s coast, this beach is quite rocky. The hidden rocks and strong currents make the beach unsuitable for water sports like diving or swimming. There are barely any facilities at this beach, except for a few food stalls, so tourists are advised to carry drinking water and food.

3. Ullal Beach: Popular Among All Mangalore Beaches

This Mangalore beach is located right next to Someshwara Beach towards the south and is about 15 kms from Mangalore city. You can reach this beach by road from the Mangalore-Kerala highway. Around this beach, you will find some interesting places to visit like the remains of Queen Abakka’s fort, Queen Abakka’s Jain temple, St Sebastian Church, and the Sayyid Madani Dargah. What makes this one of the most beautiful beaches in Mangalore is the beautiful view that draws in scores of visitors every day.

The beach is lined by the beautiful Arabian sea on one side and golden sands, coconut palms and casuarina trees on the other.  Here, you are free to take a dive and swim in the waters. There are also a number of sports activities for adrenaline junkies and for foodies, there are several food stalls. Some other things you can do at the beach include taking a nice long stroll, lounging on the sand, and staring at the beautiful skies above. At this beach, you will find many families or groups of friends looking for a fun break. You will also find the odd couple here and there, on a romantic walk along the shoreline. Located along the Someshwar-Ullal beach, you will find the Summer Sands Beach Resort, which is one of Mangalore’s popular beach resorts.

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4. Surathkal Beach: Neighbour To One Of India’s Greatest Institutes

The small town of Surathkal, home to the National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK), is lined by Surathkal Beach on the west. Close to the college, located around 12 kms from Mangalore city, Surathkal Beach is frequented by college students from nearby institutes and locals who come here to picnic. What makes this one of the most unique beaches in Mangalore is that the sands are smooth, so much so that you can easily walk barefoot. There are plenty of buses and auto rickshaws available from Mangalore to Surathkal. You could also rent a vehicle or a taxi or even travel by your own vehicle. There isn’t much to do here other than lounging on the beach, taking a nice long stroll along the shore, gaze at the sunset, and enjoy the view.

Apart from this, at the end of the beach, situated on a rocky hillock is a lighthouse that offers a beautiful uninterrupted view of the landscape and the horizon. This lighthouse is open to visitors between 4 and 5 PM. If you happen to be on the beach at dawn, you may catch a glimpse of the fishermen from the nearby villages launching their boats. Closeby on a hillock is the ancient conch-shaped Sadashiva Temple, dedicated to Shiva, that is surrounded by four ponds, whose water is considered to be sacred. While there is only one budget hotel in Surathkal, there are plenty of affordable rooms available in Mangalore, which is a short drive away from the beach.

5. Sasihithlu Beach: Host Of The 2016 & ’17 India Open Of Surfing

A relatively unknown beach in Mangalore, Sasihithlu Beach, located in Sasihithlu village, is located about 25 kms from Mangalore and 2 kms from NITK. As the existence of this beach is largely unknown, it is less crowded, making it the perfect spot for a quiet weekend away from the city. It is a great place to visit as the white sands on the shores are clean and the view is serene. To reach the beach, you would need to walk through the village and a thicket of acacia trees.

The Sasihithlu Beach is a convergence point for the rivers Nandini and Shambhavi with the Arabian Sea and is visited mostly by tourists and the local fishermen. At the beach, the Nandini and Shambhavi rivers flow around the Munda island and then merge with the Arabian Sea. The beach is a great place for friends, and family to hang out at, and gorge on the fresh fruits salads and coconut water available at the food stalls. Additionally, Sasihithlu Beach has also been host to the Karnataka Surfing Festival and the India Open of Surfing in 2016 and 2017, events that attract scores of surfing enthusiasts who battle it out to win prize money.